Moses at the Burning Bush - Ethiopian Icon - 2012




Susan Hagner works in painting, printmaking and collage. Her work often combines these media to achieve texture, color, and layers of materials. Her interest has always been in layers of images and meaning, both obstructing and revealing each other.

Paper has become primary in Susan’s work for its ability to be torn and sewn. Paper has a flexibility that lends itself to be a surface for paint and also a sculptural element in collage. Using beeswax in the process creates texture on the paper and opaque layers. An image clearly painted then covered in beeswax will recede and seem faded – evoking memories and inspiring questions. Often Susan incorporates the written word to add personal meaning to each piece. Much of her work expresses her interest in animals, plants and spirituality.

Susan has a BA of Studio Art/Art History from Franklin & Marshall College, and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She recently exhibited her work at the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall, 13 Forest Gallery in Arlington, Mass. and Half Crown Design/William Henry in Cambridge, Mass.